Cutting booking software $10 per head or LESS

Online Bookies Looking for Tips to Success

The success of your online sportsbook is up to you. You can run a small operation and earn a small profit. You can also run a small operation and earn large profits. This gig is all about choices, making the right ones, and finding the best opportunity. If you want to earn a great living, there are tools to help you do exactly this. We have put together a small list that includes some of the sharpest and best tools for your success. Check them out…

The Casino—

  • We love the sportsbook, and you may be thinking ‘how will a casino lend success to my sportsbook”? There are plenty of ways. Remember this; the sportsbook is marginal and there will be times when you win big and there will be times when you lose. Today’s player is smarter than ever before, and they have tons of information at their fingertips. They have become creative in finding ways to beat you. This doesn’t mean that you throw the baby out with the bathwater, no, what we are saying is this… Have a backup plan. There isn’t a better backup plan than an online virtual casino.
  • Gamblers love to gamble and no matter what gambling opportunity you place in front of them, they will gamble! Sounds like a tongue twister, but this is true. If you build it they will come. You must offer it first. Know this… Gamblers get bored, they lose interest in sports and they want to play something different. Even if they don’t get bored and they don’t lose interest in sports, they will still gamble in your casino if they have it in front of them.
  • The biggest and best resorts in Las Vegas are winners on a nightly basis because of the casino, not the sportsbook. Sure, they do make money in the sportsbook but nowhere close to the kind of revenue that’s generated by the casino. The odds are stacked against the player, but they think they are going to beat you because of that 98% payback rate. The machine is always paying something, and this is fool’s gold – it’s money in your pocket.
  • You must have a casino in your arsenal and there is only one way to get it – the PPH. You may be online now, and we hope you are seeing the kind of success that you should be seeing. Your focus should be on having a PPH that meets your needs and those of your clients.
  • The best PPH providers on the internet are now offering a package deal that includes a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. On top of this, they are also offering a free gaming website. You get a custom-built website, and it comes with everything that’s needed to operate a successful gaming operation.
  • The website comes with a sleek user interface that makes gambling easy and quick. Your clients can get in, place their bets, and be off to the casino while their event is being played. The casino comes complete with more than 100-games that includes the hottest slots, the favorite table games, and live dealers. The racebook features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world. They pay track odds, in real-time.

Customer service should be number one.—

  • Your clients want to bet 24/7, and they want someone to call 24/7 should they need to phone in their bet or should they have any kind of issues or problems. You don’t want them calling 24/7! You have to sleep at some point. Having a PPH that answers the phone on demand is a great thing and better yet, the agents speak great English, and they are gaming knowledgeable.

Turn this year around by broadening your horizons. Find a nice that works and brings in the betting action. You should be earning a fantastic salary from gaming revenue and there is only one way to do it, with a PPH that has your back, charges a fair price, and that will give you a free website that attracts new clients. Make the change today and start earning what you are worth.

Is Pay Per Head the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

Local bookies are looking for answers, any kind of answers. If you are a local bookie you have a lot of questions about a lot of subjectss. We get it, we have been in your shoes. We have been gamblers, and we have been bookies and we want to share our experience and what has worked for us. The obvious and biggest problem that you will face as a bookie is losses. The pay per head can cut losses and we can show you how.

The number one reason to have a pay per head – An online presence.

  • If you want success on any level, then you must find an online presence right now. You cannot delay any longer. This past year has been a wild one and we know what you have been through. It’s time to brush the dirt off of your shoulder and start earning what you are worth. The good news, this is an easy process. You can get online easily, quickly, and affordably with the use of a pay per head. The PPH (as it’s known) to online bookmakers, is the bookie, and what they do is supply the software to make your life easy. If you have ever wished for an “easy button”, now you can have it.
  • The PPH will custom-build your gaming website for FREE. You get a top of the line, state of the art website that comes with all of the gaming bells and whistles. You and your clients will have exclusive access to a .com address. This website is not shared, it’s built for you and only you.
  • Your clients want to gamble, they have been clamoring for something different and it’s high time that you give them what they are asking for. Gamblers in general, they are still gambling, they never stopped. COVID or anything else, has not stopped gamblers. The problem for local bookies, they have nothing to offer other than what limited sports action has been available during the lockdown.
  • Sports made a big comeback in the early summer and things are in full swing now, here is the problem… Have your clients stuck around? Are they loyal to your cause and are you seeing new clients? We already know the answer and we want to help you get back on track and earn what you are worth this year.

The Golden Rule in Gambling: Don’t listen to negative people.

  • Everywhere you go in life there are negative people, and they want nothing more than to drag you down. Don’t listen to these people and don’t give them five minutes of your day. Five minutes given, are five minutes wasted. We are here to give you sound advice on how to earn a great living from gaming profits. We are not here to sell you a bill of goods that you can’t use.
  • Do listen to people that have ‘been there and done it”. Read “bookie forums” listen to what others have to say in these forums and find out who the best PPH providers are. There are a lot of duds out there and you want to stay away. Some great PPH providers simply charge too much for what they are offering. You must find a balance.
  • The PPH does your job for you. They set the daily sports offering on a crisp and clean web page that is designed for easy in, and easy out. Gamblers don’t want to hassle with a difficult to read page or a page that is difficult to navigate. They want quick and easy. Find a great PPH that uses a state of the art user interface and one that offers a huge wagering menu.

The PPH was not always an affordable entity. Not so long ago, a great PPH would cost you a small fortune and they did not build your gaming site for free. Times have changed. the best PPH providers are now offering their services for around $7-$13 per head, per week. They will build you a complete gaming website for free and they will not ask for any money upfront. Call the PPH today and turn this crazy year into a monetary windfall.

PPH 101: Established Pay Per Head Businesses

We can help you set up today, for success tomorrow and beyond. The PPH industry has a lot to offer any bookie, on any level. It matters not whether you have less than a handful of active clients, or 3,000. What matters is that you want to earn a fantastic income and if 2020 has been unkind, there is a way to redeem the past and earn a profit this year. 2020 has dealt us some hard knocks, but not all is lost. There are still gamblers that exist in this world and they will gamble if you offer them something to gamble on. They are indeed still gambling but here is the problem, they may not be gambling with you. How can you get them back?

  • Find an online presence with a pay per head. The pay per head industry is also known as the “PPH”. These folks have conquered the world of online gaming and made it easy for the local bookie to find a way online, at an affordable price point. Now, is the time to get in.
  • Why now? Gamblers are still gambling. They have not given up gambling because of COVID. They are gambling more because of COVID and the monthly reports from independent researchers have proven this to be true. The PPH industry is booming for one reason; an overall lack of sports to bet on! YES, you read this correctly…
  • The PPH industry is made up of some very smart people that have made a killing while giving you a great product at a fair price. The best PPH providers on the web are now offering a package deal to bookies that provides you with a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino.
  • The best PPH providers are also offering a free gaming website for you to use. This gaming website is a state of the art gaming site that features a top-notch user interface that makes gambling a snap. The Sportsbook comes with all of the bells and whistles, such as all the daily side bets from every major sports and non-major sports from around the world.
  • The sportsbook is loaded with a huge wagering menu that offers hundreds of ways to bet including prop bets, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, round robins, and much more. When the sports scene is fully restored, you will love what the PPH offers your clients.
  • The racebook is loaded with more than 75-tracks from around the world. They pay in real-time-track odds. The PPH does all of the math for you, they calculate the wins and losses, they set up the days events on an easy to read menu. Your horseplayers will love the fact that you give them online access to a racebook. No more limited tracks and horses. No more hassles for you, jut profit.
  • The Casino is calibrated by the PPH. This operation is turnkey ready, you do nothing. The casino offers more than 100-games, and live dealers. You players have something to play on, 24/7. You kick back and enjoy the profits from an always profitable gaming entity.
  • If you are tired of the daily bookie grind and most of all, tired of your customers leaving you for other online bookmakers, stop the madness. Get in today for between $7-$13 per head, per week, per active player. You pay a one-time fee per week, for unlimited betting action from your players. They may play as much as they like either in the sportsbook, the casino, or the racebook. You only pay the fee once per week. If they do not play during the week, you do not pay.

Now, is the time to get in and get online. Your players are not being loyal to you because you don’t have a racebook and casino to offer them. Offer them an alternative to sports. Las Vegas was founded on the casino and they still thrive on the casino, not the sportsbook. If you want to earn a six-figure income then get your players signed up for your online sportsbook that’s custom-built for free by the PPH. Call the PPH today and be operational in a day or two, turn 2020 in your favor.

NFL Season is Just Around the Corner!

It’s that time of the year, the moment we have all been waiting for, September is here and if you’re into sports betting at all, then you know what this means, the new NFL season is about to start!

The wait has been long, no doubt, at moments we all thought that this day would never come, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everything that’s been happening around the world in the past few months. But, to be honest, a little part of us always knew NFL was coming, we all thought the same way, it’s the latest to start, so we were hoping it’d be fine by then, right? Well, the pandemic is not over yet, but sports did come back and now it’s NFL’s turn, and we can all celebrate that.

September 10th is the date, as we all well know, that is the day we’re all waiting for, kickoff, when NFL champion Kansas City Chiefs will host the Houston Texans to officially mark the beginning of the 2020-2021 season. Then, on Sunday, September 13th, we’ll have a grand total of 13 games, and then 2 more on Monday Night to close week 1.

Let’s not forget that this year we’ll see a big change, devastating for some, exciting for others, but the Raiders moved out of Oakland and now they will be playing in Las Vegas, which is quite exciting news really, if you basically don’t live in Oakland. Having an NFL team in Las Vegas will make history, as we all know how that city relates to sports betting, and it’s just fun to see a team use that city as home from now on.

Who are the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year?

It is no surprise to see the first four teams in the list this year, as they were also favorites last season, and we’re sure will be getting some headlines again. It is curious though, how others are just way down the list, at least to start the season, so let’s take a look:

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600

  • Baltimore Ravens +650

  • San Francisco 49’ers +900

  • New Orleans Saints +1100

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400

  • Dallas Cowboys +1500

  • New England Patriots +1800

  • Philadelphia Eagles +1800

  • Seattle Seahawks +2000

  • Indianapolis Colts +2200

AS you see, big names like the Packers, Vikings, Steelers, or even the two LA teams don’t even make the top 10 of this list for the beginning of the season, while others like the Patriots, Eagles or Seahawks are way down in the Top 10.

Let’s remember though, in the case of the Patriots, Tom Brady left the team, surprisingly, and that changes everything of course, for the team and for the league, and that’s why Tampa Bay, his new team, made it all the way into the Top 5 in bookmakers’ eyes.

How do you think this season will go? Which are your picks for big surprises and big disappointments? The new season is just around the corner, so get ready to bet on all your favorite teams again!

Pac-12 Released their modified NCAA Football Schedule for 2020

It has been a long wait for sure, but little by little things start going back to “normal” in the wide world of sports, and NCAA College Football is not the exception, as different conferences begin to publish their new season schedule, as is the case with the Pac-12 Conference, which just released the info.

As weeks go by and we get a sense that the new season will happen, different conferences have been announcing the dates for their modified schedules. In the case of the Pac-12 conference, each team will play a total of 10 conference games during the season, half at home and 5 away. The conference championship game has been delayed by two weeks and will be played in mid-December. There is also some room for modifications, as schools have the option to delay the start of the season for one week, and they can also reschedule games that, for some reason could not be played on their scheduled date.

Pac-12 is not the only that has confirmed a reduced and conference-only schedule, the Big-10 conference already did the same before and others are expected to do the same, due to obvious Coronavirus concerns, trying to avoid excess traveling and unnecessary contact with more teams.

As in every other sport, college football fans will have to learn and adapt to the new reality and the new circumstances, shorter seasons, no attendance to stadiums, different protocols and so on. It’s important that sportsbooks learn to adjust as well, as this is a great opportunity to learn to listen to your players’ needs and help your operation evolve into a better online sports betting service, that can offer exactly what they’re looking for.

Price per Head for the new football season

We all know how important football is for any sportsbook in the world and even more for American bookies. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all hard, this is a great opportunity to get back on your feet and get stronger. Joining a good Price per Head service will help you do that in the cheapest and safest way, making sure to take care of your finances, your specific needs and your players’ preferences, all in a matter of just a few days.

Managing a sportsbook is not an easy task, but it is a profitable one, certainly, all you need is the right partner, someone who is willing to take care of you, give you a hand, so that your operation can grow into something bigger and better, while allowing you to let go a little bit and focus on different things, like getting more clients, settling with them directly, or offering them more markets to bet on.

This is just the right time to make the best decision of your professional life! Price per Head is the fastest growing industry in sports betting, and it is where you need to be, to be able to increase your profits and minimize your risks.

NHL will return soon and these are the odds to win the Stanley Cup 2020

One of the four major American sports leagues, the NHL, is getting ready to return to action soon, as phase 3 of the plan will be implemented in the second week of July. As it has happened in the other major leagues, it has not been easy to reach agreements and plan accordingly and safely during this Covid-19 pandemic, but league’s officials, teams and players have tried to do their best, to be able to give fans what they’ve been waiting for since March, when the action was forced to stop.

Training camps will open on July 10th, as a part of phase 3 of the NHL comeback plan, and when the season finally resumes, there will be a 24-team tournament, which will be played in two cities only. So, the same as MLS and NBA, there will be no home and away games, but the tournament will be played in two host cities, kind of like what happens for the NCAA March Madness tournament.

As it is happening in the NBA and MLB, there will be some rule changes applied to this new tournament, and this applies to in-game situations as well as planning, rosters, injury lists and so on. There have been many different conversations between the league and the players, but as of now, many of these things are still being discussed on the table, as well as the two possible cities that would host the action. We’ll still need to wait a little bit longer for these details to be defined and certain, but news should be coming out soon, as phase 3 is getting closer by the day.

Who are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this year in the NHL?

The Eastern conference seems to be favored by the odds in sportsbooks, -140 over the Western Conference, which pays +120. But which teams are on top of the lists?

Odds to win the Eastern Conference – NHL

  • Tampa Bay Lightning +300

  • Boston Bruins +350

  • Washington Capitals +600

  • Pittsburgh Penguins +650

  • Philadelphia Flyers +650

Odds to win the Western Conference – NHL

  • Colorado Avalanche +350

  • Vegas Golden Knights +375

  • St. Louis Blues +500

  • Dallas Stars +700

  • Edmonton Oilers +1100

Odds to win the 2020 Stanley Cup – NHL

  • Tampa Bay Lightning +550

  • Boston Bruins +650

  • Colorado Avalanche +875

  • Vegas Golden Knights +875

  • Washington Capitals +1100

  • St. Louis Blues +1150

NHL is coming back soon, and your sportsbook operation needs to be ready to go! Join a good Price per Head operator today and get access to all the best tools and services available in the sports betting industry today, all for just a fraction of the cost of running a bookie business by yourself. Day after day, more and more bookies make the choice of joining this very safe and profitable business model, and it’s time for you to get a piece of the pie. Join PPH today and take your operation to a whole new level of success, where you will be able to offer a world-class platform to your players and at the same time, you’ll be able to live a world-class bookie life, knowing that you have the best support for your day to day operation.

Top 5 payment options PPH services can offer you

The pay per head industry is booming and there is a reason for this. Gamblers are still gambling. Oh sure, a few people here and there have quit gambling, we must be honest, COVID-19 has not only wreaked havoc on the gaming industry, but it has also dealt a serious blow to a vast majority of commerce across the United States. The biggest problem for the online gaming market and local bookies is the fact that sports have stopped. 


  • There is a way in which you can be earning big profits right now. Yes, folks are still gambling during the COVID-19 pandemic, they may not be betting on a whole lot of sports simply because there are not many options. The options will soon return, and things will quickly be back to “betting normal”. 
  • You must have an online presence. The world has changed in the past three months and now is the time to catch up. Gamblers are gambling at home, not in the bars, the pubs, the local hangouts, they are gambling at home. They want what you were offering them in the bar – they want that at home. Now you can give it to them at home and the website will cost you nothing if you find the right pay per head provider
  • The best PPH providers on the internet are now offering “no sports, no fees”. Get in and get moving with big profits from the online casino. The gamblers that you have on your client list are gamblers. They are not sports gamblers – they are gamblers. They will gamble on anything if they think they can win a buck or two. It’s up to you to offer it. 
  • The PPH has been around for more than 25-years and they haven’t thought of slowing down. The technology is getting better and the service has become much better. The best part is the price tag. You will no longer pay through the nose to operate under the blanket of a PPH. The best PPH providers are charging around $7-$10 per head, per week. This is easily affordable and in fact, it’s a free service to you if you set wagering minimums. 
  • What you must do when working with a PPH is set wagering minimums. Meaning… The minimum dollar amount that anybody may wager with your sportsbook is at least $10 per head wager. This covers the PPH fee for the week. You pay a PPH fee one time, per head, per week. Nothing more. One wager from one client pays the fee for that wagering client. 
  • The per head does everything for you. They offer state-of-the-art software along with a user interface that gamblers love and know. They know it simply because they are accustomed to it from other online bookie sites. Your clients will love the fact that you are offering a casino and racebook. They will be loyal to you and they will love the fact that you are open for business 24/7.


Payment Options for Your Gaming Site:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin has fast become the leading option for sportsbooks across North America and around the world. It’s fast, inexpensive, and easy to use. All you need to do is open a Bitcoin wallet and the pay per head will help you set up the option for accepting Bitcoin
  • Credit cards are always an option. We would rather use Bitcoin simply to avoid processing fees from a service provider, however, many clients are attached to the CC option and many of them simply don’t want to open a Bitcoin account. The PPH will help you find the right option to accept CC’s. 
  • Person to person is still an option but less viable. Person to person is MoneyGram and Western Union. Both options still work on some level and the option is especially great for smaller deposit amounts and less frequent deposits. 
  • Bank wire is always an option and although the option is more expensive, it’s a sure thing. 
  • Money orders are our least favorite option but the good news, it’s “same as cash”.


Find a fantastic PPH that willing to help you find the best payment options for your sportsbook operation and get moving! There is a pile of money to be earned right now.

Virtual Casino is always a Fantastic Option

Bookies are looking for every angle when it comes to earning a great income and, in these times, no stone is unturned. Now is the time to incorporate a high-quality graphics virtual casino as part of your online bookmaking strategy. 


Why a Casino?

  • No matter how many clients you have right now actively betting with you there is one certain thing, they want a great casino to play in. Here is the second absolute – they will find one, with or without you. These are the cold hard facts. You may think that your clients are loyal, and they probably are when you are available to “take their action”, however, they want more. And this is a proven fact. Studies show that by adding a casino to your bookmaking site, profit levels will more than double in the first three months. This is the gambling nature and exactly why you must incorporate a casino into your bookmaking efforts.
  • The casino is your cash cow. Don’t believe it? Try it, and we will prove this to be true. The sportsbook is a marginal enterprise, it’s fun, and there are days when you will win big. There are also times when you will lose big. The sports bettor has more information today than ever before and they come loaded for bear, to beat you. The casino is random and the adage ‘the house always wins” well, this is one time when that saying is true.  
  • Las Vegas operates in a fashion to draw in the crowds, they do so with fancy casinos. In most of the strip hotels, the casino is forefront, not the sportsbook. Las Vegas faces the same fate that you do – the sportsbook is marginal. They win huge on occasion; they also take in in the shorts. They know this, they are prepared for this and they back themselves up with a casino that never sees the kind of losses that a sportsbook does. 
  • Players want a virtual casino that has the goods. They want the latest slots, the best in table gaming and they want the “real deal”. Don’t settle for less when choosing a virtual casino to present your players with. There is a lot of competition out there and your players can find it in less than 10-seconds!
  • The casino is easy to operate and completely maintenance-free. When you incorporate a casino into your bookmaking site, everything is done for you. The PPH calibrates the casino, and they maintain the functionality at all times. 


Where to Find a Fantastic Casino?

  • The leading pay per head providers are now offering a turnkey operation that includes a custom-built bookmaking website. With this website, you are offered the services of the sportsbook, the casino, and a world-class racebook that comes loaded with more than 75-tracks from around North America and the world. 
  • Not all pay per head providers are built alike so be sure to do your homework and find one that’s trustworthy and one that comes with a great reputation for customer service. 
  • Many pay per head providers will try to lure you in with a rock-bottom offer that looks fantastic but when you get in the door, they are nowhere to be found with no email, no customer service hotline and you are stuck. 
  • Run from the $2 and $3 offers! These kinds of offers are too good to be true. As with any business, you get what you pay for. The top software providers are offering their services for $7-$10 per head and they offer all of the bells and whistles. 


With a PPH, you do nothing. They are the site builder and they build it for free. They offer you a great website that comes with a .com address for your players. They will integrate your players and have them playing in a day or two. They take care of the layout, the design, the sports that are offered, and the daily lines and odds. They also take care of players and financial reports. Now you can keep track of your spending and what players are doing. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial. It’s time to start earning a six-figure income as a bookie and you can with a PPH. 

Gain Clarity and Control With Pay Per Head

Clarity and control are two very important aspects of running and managing your own successful sportsbook as a private bookmaker. You need a clear picture of what is going on with each day’s betting action. You also need the right business tools to control that action in a way that protects your overall bottom line.

The top pay per head bookie software solutions providers have taken both of these factors into consideration when it comes to the turnkey package they offer. For one low weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers, you will have the proper business tools to create a clear picture of your business with real-time analytics. You will also have a separate set of tools to act on opportunities as opposed to reacting to issues and problems.

Pay Per Head’s Role in Clarity and Control

One of the most important tools that help you gain a high level of clarity and control is the Open Bets Report. This is basically a summary of all the action that is currently on the table. As a way to really drill down into the information, you can also look at open bets on an account-by-account basis. From a control standpoint, betting and credit limits can also be put into place that span your entire sports betting customer base. These limits can always be further adjusted on an individual basis.

You never want to risk losing a betting customer unless they become more of a liability than their worth to your bottom line. You can control the limits up front with the ability to delete any individual bet deemed necessary from the information gathered on that open bet report.

The Bookie’s Role in Clarity and Control

The pay per head bookie software system is designed to provide seamless and steady information that takes any guesswork out of sound business decisions. The software and the reports it can generate perform all the heavy lifting. However, it is still up to you as the bookie to use this information as a means to gain insight into daily operations and gain control by staying way out ahead of things on a regular basis.

The right pay per head package should give you everything you need, when you need it. If that is not the case, then it is time to find a new bookie software solutions provider. However, you cannot blame your PPH service if you take your eye off the wheel. 

Running and managing your own private bookmaking service is hard work that takes a high level of commitment on a regular daily basis. Given the volatile nature of sports betting, things can quickly go sideways if you are not on top of things. You first need to determine your overall tolerance level for risk. Only then can you take the proper measures to ensure that the daily, weekly and even monthly action you take in does not exceed that level.

Your Betting Customer’s Role in Clarity and Control

One possibly fatal business mistake some bookies will make is building a customer base that does not align with that set level of risk tolerance. If your goal is to work with a smaller base of big-money bettors, then you need to be able to handle higher levels of risk. Working with casual recreational sports bettor that becomes rather predictable in their weekly betting habits can lower that level of risk. However, you will need an expanded customer base to meet your financial needs.

Once you determine the type of betting customer best meets your business needs, you can then determine the proper marketing techniques to attract that type of bettor to your bookie services.