Cutting booking software $10 per head or LESS


Is Pay Per Head the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

Local bookies are looking for answers, any kind of answers. If you are a local bookie you have a lot of questions about a lot of subjectss. We get it, we have been in your shoes. We have been gamblers, and we have been bookies and we want to share our experience and what has worked for us. The obvious and biggest problem that you will face as a bookie is losses. The pay per head can cut losses and we can show you how.

The number one reason to have a pay per head – An online presence.

  • If you want success on any level, then you must find an online presence right now. You cannot delay any longer. This past year has been a wild one and we know what you have been through. It’s time to brush the dirt off of your shoulder and start earning what you are worth. The good news, this is an easy process. You can get online easily, quickly, and affordably with the use of a pay per head. The PPH (as it’s known) to online bookmakers, is the bookie, and what they do is supply the software to make your life easy. If you have ever wished for an “easy button”, now you can have it.
  • The PPH will custom-build your gaming website for FREE. You get a top of the line, state of the art website that comes with all of the gaming bells and whistles. You and your clients will have exclusive access to a .com address. This website is not shared, it’s built for you and only you.
  • Your clients want to gamble, they have been clamoring for something different and it’s high time that you give them what they are asking for. Gamblers in general, they are still gambling, they never stopped. COVID or anything else, has not stopped gamblers. The problem for local bookies, they have nothing to offer other than what limited sports action has been available during the lockdown.
  • Sports made a big comeback in the early summer and things are in full swing now, here is the problem… Have your clients stuck around? Are they loyal to your cause and are you seeing new clients? We already know the answer and we want to help you get back on track and earn what you are worth this year.

The Golden Rule in Gambling: Don’t listen to negative people.

  • Everywhere you go in life there are negative people, and they want nothing more than to drag you down. Don’t listen to these people and don’t give them five minutes of your day. Five minutes given, are five minutes wasted. We are here to give you sound advice on how to earn a great living from gaming profits. We are not here to sell you a bill of goods that you can’t use.
  • Do listen to people that have ‘been there and done it”. Read “bookie forums” listen to what others have to say in these forums and find out who the best PPH providers are. There are a lot of duds out there and you want to stay away. Some great PPH providers simply charge too much for what they are offering. You must find a balance.
  • The PPH does your job for you. They set the daily sports offering on a crisp and clean web page that is designed for easy in, and easy out. Gamblers don’t want to hassle with a difficult to read page or a page that is difficult to navigate. They want quick and easy. Find a great PPH that uses a state of the art user interface and one that offers a huge wagering menu.

The PPH was not always an affordable entity. Not so long ago, a great PPH would cost you a small fortune and they did not build your gaming site for free. Times have changed. the best PPH providers are now offering their services for around $7-$13 per head, per week. They will build you a complete gaming website for free and they will not ask for any money upfront. Call the PPH today and turn this crazy year into a monetary windfall.