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Pac-12 Released their modified NCAA Football Schedule for 2020

It has been a long wait for sure, but little by little things start going back to “normal” in the wide world of sports, and NCAA College Football is not the exception, as different conferences begin to publish their new season schedule, as is the case with the Pac-12 Conference, which just released the info.

As weeks go by and we get a sense that the new season will happen, different conferences have been announcing the dates for their modified schedules. In the case of the Pac-12 conference, each team will play a total of 10 conference games during the season, half at home and 5 away. The conference championship game has been delayed by two weeks and will be played in mid-December. There is also some room for modifications, as schools have the option to delay the start of the season for one week, and they can also reschedule games that, for some reason could not be played on their scheduled date.

Pac-12 is not the only that has confirmed a reduced and conference-only schedule, the Big-10 conference already did the same before and others are expected to do the same, due to obvious Coronavirus concerns, trying to avoid excess traveling and unnecessary contact with more teams.

As in every other sport, college football fans will have to learn and adapt to the new reality and the new circumstances, shorter seasons, no attendance to stadiums, different protocols and so on. It’s important that sportsbooks learn to adjust as well, as this is a great opportunity to learn to listen to your players’ needs and help your operation evolve into a better online sports betting service, that can offer exactly what they’re looking for.

Price per Head for the new football season

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