Cutting booking software $10 per head or LESS


PPH 101: Established Pay Per Head Businesses

We can help you set up today, for success tomorrow and beyond. The PPH industry has a lot to offer any bookie, on any level. It matters not whether you have less than a handful of active clients, or 3,000. What matters is that you want to earn a fantastic income and if 2020 has been unkind, there is a way to redeem the past and earn a profit this year. 2020 has dealt us some hard knocks, but not all is lost. There are still gamblers that exist in this world and they will gamble if you offer them something to gamble on. They are indeed still gambling but here is the problem, they may not be gambling with you. How can you get them back?

  • Find an online presence with a pay per head. The pay per head industry is also known as the “PPH”. These folks have conquered the world of online gaming and made it easy for the local bookie to find a way online, at an affordable price point. Now, is the time to get in.
  • Why now? Gamblers are still gambling. They have not given up gambling because of COVID. They are gambling more because of COVID and the monthly reports from independent researchers have proven this to be true. The PPH industry is booming for one reason; an overall lack of sports to bet on! YES, you read this correctly…
  • The PPH industry is made up of some very smart people that have made a killing while giving you a great product at a fair price. The best PPH providers on the web are now offering a package deal to bookies that provides you with a state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino.
  • The best PPH providers are also offering a free gaming website for you to use. This gaming website is a state of the art gaming site that features a top-notch user interface that makes gambling a snap. The Sportsbook comes with all of the bells and whistles, such as all the daily side bets from every major sports and non-major sports from around the world.
  • The sportsbook is loaded with a huge wagering menu that offers hundreds of ways to bet including prop bets, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, round robins, and much more. When the sports scene is fully restored, you will love what the PPH offers your clients.
  • The racebook is loaded with more than 75-tracks from around the world. They pay in real-time-track odds. The PPH does all of the math for you, they calculate the wins and losses, they set up the days events on an easy to read menu. Your horseplayers will love the fact that you give them online access to a racebook. No more limited tracks and horses. No more hassles for you, jut profit.
  • The Casino is calibrated by the PPH. This operation is turnkey ready, you do nothing. The casino offers more than 100-games, and live dealers. You players have something to play on, 24/7. You kick back and enjoy the profits from an always profitable gaming entity.
  • If you are tired of the daily bookie grind and most of all, tired of your customers leaving you for other online bookmakers, stop the madness. Get in today for between $7-$13 per head, per week, per active player. You pay a one-time fee per week, for unlimited betting action from your players. They may play as much as they like either in the sportsbook, the casino, or the racebook. You only pay the fee once per week. If they do not play during the week, you do not pay.

Now, is the time to get in and get online. Your players are not being loyal to you because you don’t have a racebook and casino to offer them. Offer them an alternative to sports. Las Vegas was founded on the casino and they still thrive on the casino, not the sportsbook. If you want to earn a six-figure income then get your players signed up for your online sportsbook that’s custom-built for free by the PPH. Call the PPH today and be operational in a day or two, turn 2020 in your favor.