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PPH What you Should Know

The sports betting landscape has dramatically changed in the last several years, accelerated by the 2018 Supreme Court ruling opening up the practice to every state in the country. Nevada no longer had exclusive purview over legal sports betting in the United States.

For decades, sports leagues rejected gambling like the plague, concerned about its potentially negative effects on their brands. Of course, even CBS Sports in the seventies recognized the hypocrisy when they hired Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder, a renowned bookmaker as a commentator on their NFL Today pregame show.

The sports leagues privately catered to the gambling community while publically trying to distance themselves. Finally, that has come to an end and the relationship between sports organizations and the sports betting world is still evolving.

The evolution of the sports betting industry has reached the point where independent bookmakers can be accepted into the mainstream. It’s an opportunity for prospective, new and seasoned bookies to take their game to a new level.

The technology now exists for bookies to maintain a local, personalized presence while providing a state of the art user interface for clients. By utilizing a Pay Per Head (PPH) software service, a bookie can take advantage of a platform that includes a sportsbook, client management and financial reporting for a fixed fee.

Anybody operating a business is looking to maximize profits while limiting their risk. It’s critical to seek out and use the best tools available to meet those goals. Since bookmaking is an inherently risky proposition, it’s especially useful to have robust software package that can facilitate sound decision making.

A PPH Bookie has access to the latest in sportsbook technology, giving their clients the same wagering experience as the leaders in the industry like William Hill or BetMGM. As soon as a customer logs into their account and sees the options available to them, the bookie gains instant credibility.

The most visible of feature of the PPH software is the sportsbook that customers use to view lines and make wagers. The online sportsbook is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It offers lines on all major sports, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, college sports, international soccer, NASCAR, golf, tennis, MMA/UFC and many others.

Clients can also make a variety of wagers, including futures, spreads, money line, over/under, reverse and proposition bets. Live betting as well as horse racing and casino games are also available if the bookies want their customers to have access to them.

The bookie is not just at the mercy of the PPH sportsbook operators. They have a lot of control over what their customers have access to. The bookie can limit or expand the wagering options for one or all of their customers.

One the best features is the ability for the bookie to make or adjust their own lines and odds for their customers. The goal of the bookie is to get an equal amount of action on either side of a wager. In order to make that happen, the bookie usually needs to incent players to make bets to create that balance.

They wouldn’t be able to make those decisions without the reporting capability of the PPH software. The platform provides information on all wagering activity by all customers and organizes it by sport and wagering type. At any point in time, the bookie can evaluate how they’ve done and where their risk exists from future events.

A bookie can take a lot of bets, but if they lose track of where the money has gone it could all be for naught. The financial information the software stores and reports out can be critical to the success of the bookie’s business.

It lets the bookie know who owes them money, who they owe money to and what their business is creating from a cash flow perspective. It also provides data about what wagers are most profitable for their business. There are sports and wagers that perform better depending on their customer base.

By knowing what they have in their software and being a PPH Bookie, an independent bookmaker can operate a successful and profitable business. Providing their customers with a good wagering experience while helping them manage their business is the best of all worlds.