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Targeting Sports Bettors

Sports gambling is a massive industry with billions in profits being made annually.

Typically, a new bookie is going to target sports initially. The casino, racebook and poker room are often an afterthought. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to successfully target bettors.

What Do Sports Bettors Look for When Joining a Bookie?

There are some common features that sports gamblers will look for when joining a bookie.

Some things are more important than others. Here are the main things to consider:

  1. Consistently Fast Payouts: Build a reputation as a bookie that pays out quickly and you’re going to have sports bettors contacting you constantly to book their action.

Quick Tip: Rely on word of mouth referrals and always do your best to vet players.

  1. Competitive Odds: You’re not going to be able to compete with high volume bookies when it comes to the odds you can offer, but you need to be competitive with most offshore bookies.

You’ll want to offer a standard $.20 line at minimum (-110/-110). Some PPH services will allow bookies to offer lower commission, but make sure you’re doing the math to ensure profitability.

  1. Live Betting: Without live betting markets, you stand no chance at competing nowadays. The technology is available and inexpensive. Make sure your PPH offers in-play betting.

A lot of turnover from online gambling on sports is now from live betting.

  1. Extensive Betting Board: There are a lot of bettors that will wager on anything. They’ll bet on cricket in India and KBO in South Korea when there are no major US sports to gamble on.

To keep your players engaged and to keep the money flowing, you need an extensive betting board with as many markets as possible. Just make sure the PPH you use updates odds in real-time.

  1. Rewards: There are some bettors that avoid sports betting bonuses and promotions, but the majority of casual bettors jump at the chance to get a bit of extra value.

You can’t compete with the marketing budget of the big legal sportsbooks, but it’s important to still offer your players some rewards. Offering bonuses, free bets or cashback are recommended.

You’re not trying to make your clients go broke. You want them to be long-term customers.

Searching for the Best Sportsbook Platform

A reputable white label sportsbook software platform will handle the betting board and maintain updated betting odds. This will allow you to focus on fast payouts and keeping players happy.

There are millions of people betting on sports around the world every single day.

It’s a great business to enter because the barrier to entry is relatively low. Join a PPH site, get set-up and then make sure you have a bankroll to handle any losses you may incur early on.

The great thing about targeting sports bettors is that once you have them onboard, they’re often very loyal. As long as you pay quickly when they win, they may remain a client for life.

Get started today and you could be making money by tomorrow.