Cutting booking software $10 per head or LESS


The PPH offers Many Benefits | Use Them All

One account, endless possibilities, is what you will get with a state of the art pay per head. If you are not yet using a PPH and you are looking to expand your business with an online presence, then you have come to the right place! We will tell you the truth. There isn’t a better way to find an online presence than with a PPH.

  • They will custom-build your gaming website for FREE of charge and your clients will be gambling against you withing a day or two. The cost is low, at around $7-$15 per head depending on the level of service chosen. Your clients want to play on a 24/7 basis, and they expect all the perks of the “big boys”. Now, you can offer those perks. The best PPH providers offer many great benefits that will keep your clients coming back for more.

  • The PPH has changed over the years and for the better. Back in the “good old days” of the ’90s, this service was expensive, in fact, it was downright unaffordable. The internet was certainly not new, but it was still being discovered. We now know that what a PPH offers is complicated and extensive, but today’s technology makes it easy to use for the client and for the Bookie – better known as you! There was once a day when the PPH providers were charging $25 per head and even more. Nobody wanted to pay those prices, but everybody loved the concept of a PPH.

  • The PPH has taken Las Vegas and put it on your desktop, and your mobile device. The management system they offer is better than ever. It’s certainly more secure (virtually hack-proof), it offers a fantastic wagering platform and a user interface that any client can easily use and gamble on.

  • The best PPH providers are now offering not only a state-of-the-art sportsbook, but they are also offering a fantastic casino experience for your clients as well as a world-class racebook. They are combining the offer into a three-in-one package deal for around $7 per head, per week.

  • The PPH arranges your daily sports offering onto a professional-looking web page that’s looks just like any other online sportsbook. Your clients will feel as if they are with the big-named mega books of the online world. The only difference, they know you personally. They set up all of the day’s action as well as all of the day’s lines and odds. You never have to touch any of that work unless you want to change a line or the odds of any given event.

  • The PPH is proactive in working for your success. If you fail, they lose a paying client and they will do everything they can to help you along the way. This includes accepting all wagers either on the website or over the phone by utilizing an 800 number that’s available to US clients. This also includes the grading of all wagers within minutes after the event ends.

  • Players want to gamble on their time and it’s important you recognize this. They also want to gamble on the run. Find a PPH that has a great reputation for its mobile app. A large majority of your players will use the app, not the desktop. Of course, there will be desktop use as well, however, the mobile app is king so be sure to find the best of the best that comes with the very best price.

  • Knowing that you have the tools to keep your clients coming back for more is priceless. You must have client loyalty and the sure-fire way to guarantee this is by using everything that your PPH has to offer. The best PPH providers offer a state-of-the-art gaming site that comes with the many opportunities that were laid about above.

Now, it’s your job to make sure the client knows they exist. The PPH has done its job by supplying the good, now push the goods! There are huge profits to be made as we sit here in the thick of the football season. Gamblers are gambling now more than ever and money if flying all over the place. If you want in, it’s easy to get in. Make the call and change your life. Your clients will love you and your bank account will thank you.