Cutting booking software $10 per head or LESS


Virtual Casino is always a Fantastic Option

Bookies are looking for every angle when it comes to earning a great income and, in these times, no stone is unturned. Now is the time to incorporate a high-quality graphics virtual casino as part of your online bookmaking strategy. 


Why a Casino?

  • No matter how many clients you have right now actively betting with you there is one certain thing, they want a great casino to play in. Here is the second absolute – they will find one, with or without you. These are the cold hard facts. You may think that your clients are loyal, and they probably are when you are available to “take their action”, however, they want more. And this is a proven fact. Studies show that by adding a casino to your bookmaking site, profit levels will more than double in the first three months. This is the gambling nature and exactly why you must incorporate a casino into your bookmaking efforts.
  • The casino is your cash cow. Don’t believe it? Try it, and we will prove this to be true. The sportsbook is a marginal enterprise, it’s fun, and there are days when you will win big. There are also times when you will lose big. The sports bettor has more information today than ever before and they come loaded for bear, to beat you. The casino is random and the adage ‘the house always wins” well, this is one time when that saying is true.  
  • Las Vegas operates in a fashion to draw in the crowds, they do so with fancy casinos. In most of the strip hotels, the casino is forefront, not the sportsbook. Las Vegas faces the same fate that you do – the sportsbook is marginal. They win huge on occasion; they also take in in the shorts. They know this, they are prepared for this and they back themselves up with a casino that never sees the kind of losses that a sportsbook does. 
  • Players want a virtual casino that has the goods. They want the latest slots, the best in table gaming and they want the “real deal”. Don’t settle for less when choosing a virtual casino to present your players with. There is a lot of competition out there and your players can find it in less than 10-seconds!
  • The casino is easy to operate and completely maintenance-free. When you incorporate a casino into your bookmaking site, everything is done for you. The PPH calibrates the casino, and they maintain the functionality at all times. 


Where to Find a Fantastic Casino?

  • The leading pay per head providers are now offering a turnkey operation that includes a custom-built bookmaking website. With this website, you are offered the services of the sportsbook, the casino, and a world-class racebook that comes loaded with more than 75-tracks from around North America and the world. 
  • Not all pay per head providers are built alike so be sure to do your homework and find one that’s trustworthy and one that comes with a great reputation for customer service. 
  • Many pay per head providers will try to lure you in with a rock-bottom offer that looks fantastic but when you get in the door, they are nowhere to be found with no email, no customer service hotline and you are stuck. 
  • Run from the $2 and $3 offers! These kinds of offers are too good to be true. As with any business, you get what you pay for. The top software providers are offering their services for $7-$10 per head and they offer all of the bells and whistles. 


With a PPH, you do nothing. They are the site builder and they build it for free. They offer you a great website that comes with a .com address for your players. They will integrate your players and have them playing in a day or two. They take care of the layout, the design, the sports that are offered, and the daily lines and odds. They also take care of players and financial reports. Now you can keep track of your spending and what players are doing. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial. It’s time to start earning a six-figure income as a bookie and you can with a PPH.